About us

The Pram Parlour family

It all began nine years ago when customers of Marie and son Conor’s dry cleaning company asked if their prams could be cleaned too. The answer was ‘yes’ but next came the challenge of figuring out how to do it.

With Marie’s experience in commercial laundry and Conor’s background in science and engineering fortunately everything fell into place. Soon used pram equipment was being given a new lease of life across Altrincham near Manchester where the dry cleaners is based.

Pram Parlour took shape in Marie’s garage but soon she had prams spilling over into her house as word of the service spread. Fast forward to today and we now have a bespoke workshop where all cleaning, maintenance and repairs take place.

The team has grown and developed extensive technical knowledge of the many different brands and models. 

This was recognised by Egg when they appointed Pram Parlour official cleaners of its prams nationwide.

Marie is the fabric guru with an encyclopaedic knowledge of cleaning techniques. Conor heads up operations with his mechanical expertise. Together, they live the family business.

”There’s no room for mistakes when it comes to baby equipment, everything we do has to be to the highest level, whether it’s knowing the most appropriate cleaning products to use for each brand and model, or to how to take apart, assess and reassemble each piece. Ultimately, we’re looking after every baby and toddler that will use them.”

Conor, Operations Director